Had fun at the Star Fox Launch

I was at the SteetPassNYC Star Fox 64 3D launch event at Nintendo World Store. It was nice chilling people who all enjoyed a great game.

Actually I managed to get there earlier than expected. Day at work started crappy. A was asked to do a delivery to a Manhattan office so I used that as an excuse to pick up the game at Nintendo World, head back to my regular office to work the remaining minutes and then head back to to catch the official StreetPass gathering.

I was scanning the area which looked decently packed. I went upstairs and found out that I was late for trivia. And the competition was soft. (Nobody could guess who says “Never give up trust you instincts!”).

Of course I signed up for the Star Fox tournaments, both 3D and Command. I checked my 3DS and saw that I was red in battery power. So I had to forgo practice in fear of going drained looking for whichever spot where I can get a quick charge.

Then it was time for me to play. I managed win my first match in Command despite not playing it for three years. For 3D I only got on kill. Didn’t win that one.

I made it to the final match for Command. It was a low scoring game until the end. I haveĀ  shot of winning when I shot down a target and was about to collect a star. But then I had my star stolen. Yeah, it ended like that.

Either way I enjoyed the event. Looking forward to the next SteetPass gathering.

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