Star Fox 64 3D: Boost Cancelling

Over the weekend I came across a technique for Battle Mode of Star Fox 64 3D (won’t work in Main Game, Score Attack, and Training). I tried looking up online but didn’t really find much. I doubt this is first ever mentioned of it but I feel this this needs more mentioning.

Those who play the Battle mode in SF643D would know how the boost fills up when you boost, brake, somersault, U-turn, and barrel roll. When the boost meter fills up you have to wait before a moment before you can do all those moves again.

But there is a way around that.

Whenever the boost get full it flashes yellow and red three times before it refills. Hit boost when it’s yellow. The boost meter will turn blue and empty instantly, allowing you to do another boost or whichever boost meter-consuming maneuvers you please. I call this the “boost cancel”, similar to the active reload in the Gears of War series.

When you get the hang the timing of boost cancelling, you can do somersaults, full boosts, etc. without being venerable to enemy fire. Use it to keep your opponents chasing…if they can.

I made a video demonstrating the technique. Enjoy.

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