Princeton StreetPass Star Fox: Nice Experience, Bad Ending.

I went to the StreetPass Princeton event this weekend in my pursuit of my first tournament win in Star Fox 64 3D. It was quite an experience. I wish the experience was quite a bit different but it was an experience nonetheless.

The commute was long, just going from Penn to Princeton felt like a chore. Speaking of which, at least the NJ Transit buses and trains are actually clean, unlike the MTA buses and subways. (And the buses are only $1.50 and have security cameras.)

I when I actually got to the GameStop holding the tournament I had about an hour to spare. I pretty much used to to chat it up and got in one practice match. I won it.

Then the actual tournament begins. First match I won. I pretty much had everything in control.

But that final match. That damn final watch.

I was neck and neck for the lead with a second guy. Then someone with no kills picks up firebird and kills me with it and winds up winning the match. Lame. I wind up settling for second place. The video above reveals the BS.

Well StreetPass NJ was fine event. I wasn’t out of the park. But it was fine for a first time experience.

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