Jill is back on film. Yay…

It looks like Jill Valentine will be returning to the Resident Evil movie franchise. Good, right? Not really. This is her third appearance in a RE movie and she returns in the FIFTH RE movie!

Twelve years ago Sony and Capcom greenlit the first RE movie and brought on George A. Remero two direct and write the film. For whatever reason, Remero was fired. Capcom’s Yoshiki Okamoto told EGM that Romero’s script was “not good”. Romero said that he got canned because too much of the video game was in his script. Go figure. Later Sony would pick up Paul W.S. Anderson who would form a script that was had very little with the game whatsoever, meaning that none of the VG character would show up, Jill included.

In 2002 Sony released the first RE film. Instead of focusing the film on a character from Capcom’s famed franchise they used a brand new character named Alice (played by Milla Jovovich). This would have been nice attempt to breathe life it the movie if they wound up using Alice in an RE game that was released close to the movie, like what was later done for with Maya (C. Viper) for the Street Fighter movie and Street Fighter IV. But, of course, Alice had not appeared in any RE game before nor after this movie came out. Fail. I might forgive this fail if the movie was actually good, but each time I try to watch it on FX I’m forced to change the channel.

I have to admit that Sony did make an effort to include a character from the actual game. The sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse introduced Jill Valentine to the big screen, her actress being Sienna Guillory. However, Sienna was too busy for the third film. One would think Sony would have enough sense to use a new actress for Jill (Neve Campbell would have been perfect!). My guess is that they opted against it because that would have made sense. Ms. Guillory would returns as Jill at end of the fourth movie. She recently announced her return playing Jill just recently.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Jill Is back for the next RE film, hopefully as a major character this time. But it will extremely hard to convince me to watch this movie when it hits theaters, let alone the other four on Netflix.

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