StreetPass NYC Tetris Axis Event + Extras

This past Sunday I was at the Nintendo World Store for the StreetPass NYC event for Tetris Axis. I had fun like always. And I have had some good matches in both tournaments.

To pretty much some up what went down tournament wise. I managed to pull off in the Tetris DS tournament that happened there. As for newly released Axis, I ran into StreetPass’s Peter, who is quite solid, in the first match.

While I was out I picked up a few nice things besides the game. Nick from StreetPass Princeton was selling these video game sprite chains. I splurged on a couple of them.

I got this very sweet Samus.

But I like this one a bit better. Charmader Char! What you know about the Kanto Region?

There was catchphrase going on that included a certain Nintendo character. I was wondering when it would finally be included in marketing or merchandising. Then I saw this shirt at Nintendo World. I just had to get this one.

Well that’s it for this blog. By the way, I uploaded a third vlog on my YouTube. Video below.


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