Royal Lance will be at New York Comic Con!

New York Comic Con is less than a week away. So exited! I will be snapping photos, shooting video, and check out all the good stuff!

I plan on attending all four days of NYCC and am sure I will see (or maybe have a few of my own, who knows?) some epic Comic Con moments. I even signed up for some press hours so I’m sure to have LOTS of content to put on this blog. And of course I will be checking out the video game stuff. And hopefully I can get in for the Avengers movie panel. 🙂

What? Will I be going to any after-parties? Of course!

I will be going to the SOS Gamers after party on Friday night. I’m pretty much committed to that since it’s free. I might go to a couple of more after parties but we’ll see.

If you see me at NYCC make sure you stop by and say hi! See everyone next weekend!


2 responses to “Royal Lance will be at New York Comic Con!

    • Well, these don’t happen in my backyard everyday so I might as well make use of them. I already went to a few different conventions the last few years, including PAX East from this year. Hopefully I can go to Comic Con in San Diego in 2012. But if you do get a chance to go, take it! It’s one of the most enlightening experiences you can have!

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