My time at New York Comic Con

Spider-Man made entirely of Mega Blocks

Last weekend I attended all 4 days of New York Comic Con. It was crowded but I enjoyed it. It felt good going checking out the neat stuff.

Day 1 – Pressing situation

Time to kick ass. Get it? Because he's Kick-Ass.

There was only three hours on the show floor but press can get their passes as early as 10:00 A.M. I got my pass early, but didn’t take mind that I would have to kill a LOT of time.

The Javits Center not really next to much in terms of food. And the food inside isn’t exactly the cheapest. I pretty much did what I could to kill time. Walked a few blocks for lunch. Looked at the program for anything I may have missed. Walked around Javits a few times (someone asked if I was lost).

When it was getting closer to the opening time the line was pretty big. (I didn’t have to stand in line because of my press pass.) I noticed Lindsay (Nostalgia Chick) with her pals and said hi. There wasn’t much conversation and was pretty much the only time we chatted in that building.

Then NYCC opened up. I looked at all the booths and everything looked interesting. Comic books, DVD, some stuff I bought, some stuff I just thought, wait ‘til you see it on Amazon. Three hours is not enough time. 😦

Day 2 – My Day with Felicia Day

+ 5 sexterity

This is personally my favorite day for one main reason: Felicia Day.

I got to Javits late but I managed to catch a seat at the panel with Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh. It was great listen. Wanted to ask a question at the end but I was too deep in line. Then I decided to get into line for an autograph. The line was SO long. But it was so worth it. Both Felecia and Sandeep were quite friendly when they and pictures and my DVD. I’m glad I actually met those two.

I went to the Street Fighter X Tekken panel. I was SO lucky to find a seat. The entire crowd went bananas. It was an amazing experience. I wrote about it on Gather.

While visiting the Ubisoft booth, some Frag Dolls recognized me from the Frag Dude contest I entered. They pretty much talked about how a lot of the boys who entered had some inappropriate content an pretty much said I technically won. So would that make me a Frag Dude? Go me!

During the after-hours I managed to get Jordan White to do short interview. Went to the South Park panel, or the remainder of it. They gave out real Cheesy Poofs. After that it was the S.O.S. Gamers party. Didn’t stay too long since I had a long ride home.

Obligatory snap of some Scott Pilgrim Cosplay. I even saw Ramona passing on her smoking habit to Scott. 😦

Day 3 – So much to do…

Hello, Mr. Bollea. I'm Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner's attorney. We need to talk...

I got to NYCC in time for the for the Shoot Many Robots demo. It looked okay. I decided to go to the Street Fight X Tekken football thing. The crowd was as crazy as it was. Street Fighter team won of course. Then I went to the Black Dynamite Press release. It was cool being this close to Michael Jai White. Then I saw then pretty much killed some time getting pics of cosplayers. Then I went to the Black Dynamite panel. I almost didn’t make it since I it was filled with the campers for the DBZ panel. ReedPOP needs to do better in crowd control.

Now it was time for the Channel Awesome after-party. I walked in to pop music played by Shadow Todd. I managed to get a pic with Lindsay and Nella. Good stuff.

It was one Nella-va after-party.

Day 4 – Legends Never Die

Times are rough.

I decided to make a visit to the Team Legends booth. They were a motivated bunch. They told me about their plans to march to the the Capcom booth a little late. That gave me time to check out the Adventure Time/Regular Show press hour. After that I went to back to the Legends booth to catch the march. I would have shot footage of it by my camcorder battery died. 😦 It was a site to see when the marched to the Capcom booth and presented a handmade book of fans’ stories to Seth Killian.

Ending off that I headed to the Game Over after-party. It wasn’t as appealing as last year but it was enjoyable.


Definitely looking for next year!


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