Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival

Next weekend, Veteran’s Day weekend, I will be at the Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival in Ottumwa, Iowa. I will be there to referee the Twin Galaxies World Championships, which will cover the hottest games such as Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Child of Eden, and many more.

There will be other other fun stuff over there such as award ceremonies, movies, and pie throwing. Yes, pie throwing.

During the festival the will be a trading card expo where the Twin Galaxies trading cards will be on display. And guess what? I will have my own card!

Looks good, huh? Despite the whole “Sample” thing of course.

To find out more information the Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival, head to Hope to see you there!


One response to “Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival

  1. Myself and Glenn will be at the event as well putting on the Donkey Kong 30th Birthday room. Plenty of arcade games, tournaments to play in and you never know who you might see. Two plumber brothers might just show up at a moments notice:). We will also be running a super smash brothers tournament and showing off the new Burger Time World tour that was just launched from Monkey Paw games. You’ll also find us co chairing the golden age of arcade owners with Walter Day. Take the time and find us to get our collectors cards as well, they came out so nice. We look forward to seeing everyone and this should be an awesome event.

    Patrick O’Malley
    Star Worlds Arcade

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