Ocean Marketing

I have been reading up on the whole Ocean Marketing thing. I saw a lot lousy customer service but this is over the top.

PennyArcade.com posted an email conversation that involves Paul Christoforo, an angry customer named Dave and PA’s Dave. The whole thing was really intense.

After that conversation was made public the gaming community made fun of the whole thing and sent Paul angry email. There was even a video parodying Ocean Marketing.

At the end of it all Paul tried extorting the client that fired him by taking their email.

I wrote articles about this stuff here and here. It was too tempting not to.

2 responses to “Ocean Marketing

  1. Great articles about the topic. I’m sure this topic will be trending soon just because of the scandal/FAIL factor involved. It looks like you did a lot of research into the event and were able to write authoritatively on it!

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