Interesting Week for Pokemon

The last several days have been interesting for the Pokemon franchise both on the negative and positive ends. Continue reading

Soul Calibur V Results (Winter Brawl and World Game Cup)

Winter Brawl 2012 (Singles)
1st. LinkRKC (Ivy)
2nd. TSF Ramon (Mitsurugi, Pyrrha)
3rd. RM SawnikFaux (Viola, Tira)
4th. EMP KDZ (Maxi, Siegfried)
5th. Woahhzz (α Patroklos)
5th. OmegaXCN (Natsu)
7th. Something Unique (Pyrrha, Xiba)
7th. Bibulus (Leixia)

World Game Cup (Singles)
1. eLive Keev (Nightmare)
2. Eggmaster (Pyrrha)
3. Akire (Mitsurugi, Seigfried)
4. Saitoh (Maxi)
5. eLive Kayane (Leixia)
5. Jag (Maxi)
7. Dina (Pyrrha)
7. Chris (Viola)

World Game Cup (3v3)

1st — Team Unblessed (France)
eLive Keev (Nightmare)
eLive Kayane (Leixia)
Akire (Mitsurugi)

2nd — Team Hamburg (Germany)
Jag (Maxi)
daGOTTh (Pyrrha Omega)
Kerrigan (Natsu)

3rd — Team Justice (France)
Saitoh (Maxi)
Hayate (Z.W.E.I)
Panto (Seigfried)

3rd — Team Beur Land (France)
Eggmaster (Pyrrha)
eLive Frionel (Yoshimitsu)
Gohan (Raphael)

I’m so happy that Leixia made to top 8 in both singles. This makes me confident that I picked a good character as my main.

Congratulations to the players who made it far this weekend.

Results courtesy of 8WayRun, SRK, and EventHubs.

Gather Article mentioned in Cnet Podcast

This weekend I found out that the 404 on Cnet cited my Gather Article about a potential Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat game. The fact that Cnet used my article for a discussion on a podcast makes me feel that I am going the right path.

Thanks to those who supported me and continue reading my articles.

WCG Poll

I came across a poll WCG put out asking what games everyone wants to see this year. They list a set of games within certain genres. For the fighting category, the choices were:

  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Don’t they mean Ultimate?!)
  • Super Street Fighter IV (AE?)
  • Tekken 6
  • Tekken Tag Tournament
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

They listed a bunch of games that will never get (the Capcom games) and they have omitted a lot of major titles (MK, Soul Calibur, DOA). If WCG hopes to stay afloat they need to consider any good game they can get. Hopefully they will change their minds.

Cross Assault Cast Announced

Cross Assault cast has been announced. Show is to start on the February 22.

Many are complaining that not enough “known” players are on the show. Uhh… If Capcom wanted known players, they wouldn’t have asked for audition tapes. They could have just made phone calls and called it a day.

Well, good luck to all the 10 cast members. (Team Street Fighter won’t need it, though.)