Soul Calibur V Results (Winter Brawl and World Game Cup)

Winter Brawl 2012 (Singles)
1st. LinkRKC (Ivy)
2nd. TSF Ramon (Mitsurugi, Pyrrha)
3rd. RM SawnikFaux (Viola, Tira)
4th. EMP KDZ (Maxi, Siegfried)
5th. Woahhzz (α Patroklos)
5th. OmegaXCN (Natsu)
7th. Something Unique (Pyrrha, Xiba)
7th. Bibulus (Leixia)

World Game Cup (Singles)
1. eLive Keev (Nightmare)
2. Eggmaster (Pyrrha)
3. Akire (Mitsurugi, Seigfried)
4. Saitoh (Maxi)
5. eLive Kayane (Leixia)
5. Jag (Maxi)
7. Dina (Pyrrha)
7. Chris (Viola)

World Game Cup (3v3)

1st — Team Unblessed (France)
eLive Keev (Nightmare)
eLive Kayane (Leixia)
Akire (Mitsurugi)

2nd — Team Hamburg (Germany)
Jag (Maxi)
daGOTTh (Pyrrha Omega)
Kerrigan (Natsu)

3rd — Team Justice (France)
Saitoh (Maxi)
Hayate (Z.W.E.I)
Panto (Seigfried)

3rd — Team Beur Land (France)
Eggmaster (Pyrrha)
eLive Frionel (Yoshimitsu)
Gohan (Raphael)

I’m so happy that Leixia made to top 8 in both singles. This makes me confident that I picked a good character as my main.

Congratulations to the players who made it far this weekend.

Results courtesy of 8WayRun, SRK, and EventHubs.


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