Interesting Week for Pokemon

The last several days have been interesting for the Pokemon franchise both on the negative and positive ends. We have the fake Pokemon Yellow app at the Apple App Store. We got the announcement of Black and White 2. The franchise as a whole does well despite critics announcing its “death” ages ago. I consider it in a class reserved Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda but it can stand on its own.

About “Pokemon Yellow” sneaking in its way in to the App Store… I actually wrote about this. It was very odd Apple let something like this go under its nose. The company is known for keeping a close eye to what goes into its store. It sickens me when people try to make a quick buck off a stolen brand, by selling a poor quality product (or non-working one in this case). Hopefully whoever sold this app pays for this crime.

Nintendo announced “Pokémon Black Version 2” and “White Version 2”. A lot of people were expecting a “Grey Version”. As I said on Gather, Grey isn’t really a marketable color. Nintendo used grey for  most of their game cartridges. The different colored PKMN carts were exceptions. When you see a grey PKMN cart it will look like all the other games when it’s sitting in your collection.

I was thought about getting a new Pokémon game but…  I really can’t. If I picked up the game I would be tempted to take it up competitively. I think I’d get good at it, but it would force me to focus all of my time to get good. I enjoyed playing it the times I did have it. Those times are pretty much over now.

I’m sure despite all the “I WANT GREY!!!” banter, I’m sure Black 2 and White 2 will sell well.

One response to “Interesting Week for Pokemon

  1. If you ever pick up Pokemon and get into it competitively, we should battle! >)

    But yeah, it has been awhile since there has been any good Pokemon news (Nobunaga’s Ambition/Pokepark 2 aside); so, hopefully the trend continues!

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