Philly Non-Sports Card Show

This weekend I was at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show to help support the Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Cards. It was a blast to meet everyone there and reception was huge! It was one of the busiest booths all weekend!

There was lots of neat and rare stuff on display. Signed cards, toys, comics, sketches. Lots of stuff. I had to glue my wallet shut all weekend. I did get a lot of signed video game cards, though.

The event overall was impressive. Canā€™t wait to come back to back next year.


PAX East 2012

Friday morning I leave for PAX! I was there last years and I had lots of fun!

There are tons of stuff to do there. Panels, concerts, booths, tons of games to play. And of course, tournaments. I need to redeem myself in NBA Jam.

And of course there are parties. Both on Friday and Saturday. šŸ™‚

Will definitely blog about it when I come back!

– Lance