My Time at PAX East

Went to PAX East this year, my second PAX. The weekend had its ups and downs but I enjoyed myself overall.

Getting to Boston was a headache on its own. After catching midnight movie I saw a huge line waiting for the bus I needed to take. There were so many people in front of me I had to wait two more hours for my next bus. Fail.

When I got to PAX I pretty much scanned the expo floor. Then I found out that there was a SoulCalibur 5 tournament although it wasn’t on the schedule. Otherwise I would have brought over my arcade stick. Instead I had to play on the some bad Xbox 360 pads lame. Couldn’t do any of my key moves. After that tourney I did do more show floor browsing went to played in the NBA Jam tourney. And browsed the expo floor again. I wanted to tweet photos but my phone battery died.

Next I tried to go to the Gamers Gone Wild party but there were issues so I wound up heading to my hotel room and get ready for the next night.

Next day I came in with a full charge on my phone so I could tweet some nice cosplay. I went to the StreetPass panel (the only panel I think I sat through in full). I was gonna spent a good deal of time browsing the booths playing the demos that didn’t have long lines. Waiting in line for hours to play a game that you will probably play any time you want back home. Tried to go to more panels but I was busy finding a place to recharge my phone and meeting with people. Ironically I spent a good amount of time at the handheld lounge but not time there this year. Nature of the beast. I tried registering for Tetris Attack (Puzzle League), tournament but I got there late. Hard to keep your schedule at PAX.

Next was the Twitch TV party. The venue was OK. I saw that there was a “VIP” area but I couldn’t get in since I wasn’t “on the list”. That made me mad since I saw a lot of familiar faces up there but whatever. I still enjoyed the night.

Sunday was really a slow day. I didn’t do much besides booth hopping and eating an overpriced breakfast sandwich and getting third in Tetris Splash. I did get the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel box set, something I always wanted to get. I got to play a demo to an interesting card game. Yeah, slow day.

Getting home was crazy all the buses were taken except for the Chinatown one. I got to the station at 6:00. I left at 9:00.

PAX East was okay, but I’m staying home if they are doing it on a holiday next year.

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