MLG Spring Arena (Fighting Games)

I was in Major League Gaming HQ to catch all MLG Fighter Arena. It was a great experience watching all the matches up front.

The SoulCalibur V action was great all the way. I’m glad Hawkeye won it for America and beat both French players Keev and Kayane (although part of me wish that Kayane won). I managed to put a few games with some of the SoulCalibur pros. I didn’t play like a complete scrub but I still have a long way to go.

They also had Mortal Kombat, of course. The crowd went crazy, especially the last one. The CDJr/DetroitBalln match was crazy. It went down to the final round of the final game and CDJr won. I picked up MK when it came out but I never really got into it competitively. Maybe that needs to change. LOL

The MLG staff went all out for the guests and players this weekend. There was a fridge full of water and Dr. Pepper, and a mini-fridge full of NOS Energy (Cherry NOS tasted great). They also had Pizza, Lay’s and Doritos. I managed to stuff myself with those.

I found this video of the event from Empire State Gamer. You can see me getting Kayane to sign my Twin Galaxies Trading Card of hers. 🙂

MLG Fighter Arena was a great “mini” event overall. And Hopefully I can go to the second one.

Results courtesy of

Soul Calibur V:

1st Place: Hawkeye – $1,500
2nd Place: Keev – $900
3rd/4th Place: Kayane and RTD – $500 each
5th/6th Place: SomethingUnique, LostProvidence
7th/8th Place: Shin_RyuJin and WingZero
Mortal Kombat:

1st Place: CDjr – $1,500
2nd Place: DetroitBalln – $900
3rd/4th Place: Maxter, REO – $500 each
5th/6th Place: Curbolicous, KT Smith
7th/8th Place: Riu, CrazyDominican

More pics of this event at


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