5 Tournaments in 5 Days

Over the last few weeks I have gained a good amount of experience playing fighting games and going to tournaments. It has really leveled me up. And recently, I actually played in five tournaments in five days. I didn’t think I would do something like that but I did. Here’s how I did it.

May 10–Local Battles: Salty Battles 13—SoulCalibur V This was the last Soul Calibur V tournament to be held on Thursdays. It was my first time playing there. I think that was when it all sparked for me.

May 12–The Gamer’s Edge–SoulCalibur V SkullGirls, Super Street Fighter 4 AE I really wanted to do just SoulCalibur V but I wound up doing SF4AE and SkullGirls. I was able to do a lot of experimenting in SC5 and test out strategies. I could have come back to play more tourneys but that meant skipping out on Mother’s Day.

May 14–Local Battle: Salty Battles 14–SoulCalibur V Local Battles moved Salty Battles to Mondays so that was how I was able to get in that 5th tournament. I took the huge rush of experience from the last few days. I only played one match on stream but the commentators acknowledged that I was doing much better than I was in past tournaments. That’s a good sign.

Can’t wait ’til next week so I can give it another go!

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