Link Vs. Cloud: Fanboy Insanity Insues

Today ScrewAttack released the newest Death Battle where Link (Legend of Zelda) and Cloud (Final Fantasy) duke it out. The results drove the fanboys crazy.They were making comments on the outcome and the transition to 3D. A lot of them were crazy.

The way I see it. IT’S JUST A VIDEO! Take it with a grain of salt will ya?

3 responses to “Link Vs. Cloud: Fanboy Insanity Insues

      • Okay…I guess your right there…it’s just that I guess I feel bad for Cloud and everything he’s been through and I also see him as a pretty kick a kind of guy, so I WANTED him to win…. I guess it makes sense Link beat him because he has all of that equipment…I’m NOT saying that I don’t like Link though!!!! I ❤ LoZ!!! It's just…it's hard to explain…sorry..!!!! I ramble a lot… -_-"

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