Viola: Don’t Ban That Bitch!

For a while there have been intense debates in the SoulCalibur community about the game the whether or not Viola is too a character for competitive play. Her high damage combos and frustrating mixups has earned her the slogan “Ban that bitch”. But the community as a whole owes it to itself NOT to ban Viola.

Yes, she has high damaging combos, yes, she has a back throw infinite, and yes, she has a powerful ring out game. But she is still far from untouchable in actual competition. Showing some crazy combo video does not show means for a ban, either. We are talking about competitive play, not combo video play.

For a ban to even become questionable, a very good Viola player would ALWAYS have to win against someone of equal skill who isn’t playing Viola. There are many cases where characters of overpowered such as Wesker or Pheonix in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Yun in Super Street Fighter IV. Viola is SCV’s version of Wesker. She is not even close to what Akuma is in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

MLG Summer Fighting Games Arena

The MLG Fighting Games Arena was on Friday. We were treated to some great action in both Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat. It was great seeing all the great matches!


SoulCalibur V

1st Place- LostProvidence
2nd Place- SomethingUnique
3rd/4th Place- RTD ATL, Hawkeye
5th/6th Place- LinkRKC, Kinetic Clash
7th/8th Place- Kayane, Keev


Mortal Kombat

1st Place- Pig of the Hut
2nd Place- GGA Dizzy
3rd/4th Place- GGA 16Bit, EGPTyrant
5th/6th Place- Riu48, EMP Reo
7th/8th Place- DJT1993, KT_Smith

Results from

Justin Wong, Kayane Disapprove of This Year’s SBO

Space Battle Opera (SBO), or Tougeki, is arguably Japan’s premier fighting game tournament event. Some would even say that it at least matches EVO. This weekend, however, SBO has earned some complaints from even the few of the most seasoned players, and its more than just a “Why is it one game a match?” complaint.

Justin Wong came made some unfavorable tweets about SBO that quickly gained attention. He brought up how the outdoor setting produced a glare on the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 cabinets. He also noted since the tournament is being held “in the middle of nowhere” with a bad network connection, the cabs lagged badly. Justin made it clear that he would still compete this weekend but made it clear that this will be the last SBO he goes to. “I will never come to SBO ever again,” the former EVO champion declared. Update: Justin won in UMVC3, becoming the first American to win an SBO title.

Long time SoulCalibur player Kayane also let her issues with the event known. She reaffirmed Justin’s comment about screen glare but stated more problems such as the intense Summer heat, handling of accidental pauses, not being able to use one’s own arcade stick, the distance between the venue and Tokyo (and cost of the commute), and the high venue fees just to watch, let alone play.  Kayane childhood dream of playing at SBO turned into a bad dream.

Another common complaint for not just this year’s SBO but for every year’s SBO was the one-game match tournament, single-elimination format. Many non-Japanese players are used to the best of 3, double elimination format and are not trained for one strike and you’re out. Holding best of 3 qualifiers in the US does not help the case. Some players are suggesting that SBO be changed to “international” format. But SBO was not meant to be an international tournament in the first place. It’s like changing the Super Bowl from one game to best of seven because other sports are doing it.

Tournament format aside, Space Battle Opera was not up to par for those who were there. If the high-levels players are complaining, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Most Tournament Wins for a Gaming Team

Thursday Night/Friday morning I heard my phone go off. When I checked it I saw a Tweet from Empire Arcadia that say the team earned a Guinness World Record for “The most documented tournament wins for a gaming team.” And the best part: They credited me as one contributors for the record! Continue reading