MLG Summer Fighting Games Arena

The MLG Fighting Games Arena was on Friday. We were treated to some great action in both Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat. It was great seeing all the great matches!


SoulCalibur V

1st Place- LostProvidence
2nd Place- SomethingUnique
3rd/4th Place- RTD ATL, Hawkeye
5th/6th Place- LinkRKC, Kinetic Clash
7th/8th Place- Kayane, Keev


Mortal Kombat

1st Place- Pig of the Hut
2nd Place- GGA Dizzy
3rd/4th Place- GGA 16Bit, EGPTyrant
5th/6th Place- Riu48, EMP Reo
7th/8th Place- DJT1993, KT_Smith

Results from

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