Viola: Don’t Ban That Bitch!

For a while there have been intense debates in the SoulCalibur community about the game the whether or not Viola is too a character for competitive play. Her high damage combos and frustrating mixups has earned her the slogan “Ban that bitch”. But the community as a whole owes it to itself NOT to ban Viola.

Yes, she has high damaging combos, yes, she has a back throw infinite, and yes, she has a powerful ring out game. But she is still far from untouchable in actual competition. Showing some crazy combo video does not show means for a ban, either. We are talking about competitive play, not combo video play.

For a ban to even become questionable, a very good Viola player would ALWAYS have to win against someone of equal skill who isn’t playing Viola. There are many cases where characters of overpowered such as Wesker or Pheonix in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Yun in Super Street Fighter IV. Viola is SCV’s version of Wesker. She is not even close to what Akuma is in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

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