Kayane interviews Dead or Alive 5’s Shimbori and Hayashi

Great fighting game player Kayane posted an interview interview with Dead or Alive 5’s director Yohei Shimbori and producer Yousuke Hayashi.

Kayane, who is no stranger to the DOA series, asks the guys behind the game about pretty much everything she could ask them such as the game’s upgrade to be more competitive, the reasons behind Virtua Fighter’s Akira and Sarah, and the new faces for characters.

Kayane :In DOA5, the character designs have changed and they are more “human-like”. All the fans were impatient to discover the new face of their favorite character.
Which character transformation do you prefer?

Yohei Shimbori : The biggest surprise and shock for us was Kokoro. We felt that Kokoro would be the most difficult character to bring from DOA4 to DOA5 and keep the atmosphere of who Kokoro is. So we were worried to bring her in DOA5 and how she would look like. After putting a lot of work in, and model came out, we thought that it’s actually, very good!
All the characters are fantastic really, but the surprise and shock we got from Kokoro makes her my favorite.

Yosuke Hayashi :  My favorite is Kasumi, she’s been such a cute character throughout the DOA series. We were quite worried about what the fans would think of her new face. When we were making her, we were always thinking if she is going to be okay, and if the fans will like her, since we think she’s the character with the most impact. When we revealed her, the fan feedback we received was very positive. We were really happy about that.

You can check out the whole interview plus a video of a match between Kayane and Shimbori at Kayane.fr!

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