Four Days Before Raleigh

In five days I will be in Raleigh, NC to compete in Major Gaming for SoulCalibur. This will be my first time competing at MLG.

Six years ago I discovered MLG by watching the True Life pro gamer doc on MTV and immediately thought I should be on this. I didn’t know how or if I can get there. Took me a while to figure it out. LOL

Fast-forward to recent time. When I heard that MLG was hosting SoulCalibur V. I had a reason to take competition for my favorite game seriously.

I went to every tournament I could get myself to. I played at LocalBattles, I played at Jaxel-Dome, I went the three SoulCalibur in five days! I eventually went to my first fighting game major at East Coast Throwdown and won the very first match I played! The stream guy even noted my vast improvement in the game!

Since there will be more than just SoulCalibur MLG. I made a to do list for the event.

Lance’s MLG To-Do List

  • – Check out the other SC (Starcraft II)
  • – Check out the League of Legends action
  • -Go to the merch booths and look for the pair of Vinyl Gunnars
  • -Meet the legend himself, Tom “T-Squared” Taylor
  • -Win SoulCalibur V, obviously.

Until then, I’ll just focus on leveling up on SoulCalibur and get ready for the trials ahead.

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