Jaxel-Dome 8: My Turnaround

This past weekend at Jaxel-Dome, I felt like I have done quite a bit. Despite my early losses, I was complemented on vast improvement, especially with a new character. I had a few shining moments on stream. And here is my favorite part. I beat Ramon in a Soul Calibur II side tournament! Continue reading

My Favorite Patroklos Combos

I have been playing a lot of Patroklos in SoulCalibur V in preparations for Jaxel-Dome this Saturday. With so much on my plate with work and other stuff, it’s hard to make time to practice. But I somehow pull it off! 🙂 With so much time with a new character I have a few combos have grown on me. There are more combos for Patroklos, of course, but these are some of my favorites.

Counter-Hit Forward BBB ~ Forward Forward B+K ~ Justice Step B Brave Edge ~ Justice Step K

This combo does a decent amount of damage. Online opponents send me hate mail for doing moves like these. I make sure that I’m not too far from the ring edge or wall so I’m close enough to add on the last move of this combo.

B+K ~ Critical Edge

This is Patroklos’s Hail Mary combo.  Pat’s B+K startup is slow but it does have a tech crouch. And you have to time the CE well for it to pay off. If you can do it… BAM! Half life.

Down-Back Down-Back (or Up-Back Up-Back) B ~ G ~ Critical Edge

This move is very tricky in terms of execution. This combo can ring you the opponent out with your back to the ring edge. When the first hit connects you have to press G to make sure you face the right direction for the CE. Try to connect it right after your victim hits the ground.

Down-Forward B ~ Wall Hit ~ Down-Forward B ~ Wall Hit ~ Forward Forward B ~ Forward Forward B+K Justice Step K

This is a wall combo not listed in Patroklos Basic Guide but I like it. This damage isn’t as damaging as a Leixia wall combo but it does give a great amount of meter. You will have more than enough meter for a Brave Edge and well on the verge of the getting a Critical Edge. And with damage in the 90’s you can’t go wrong.

That’s it for my combos. See you at the Jaxel Dome!