I’m Learning a New Character

After my bad run Major League Gaming Raleigh, I came to a conclusion:

Using Leixia alone won’t get me too far in tournaments.

Kayane announced that she would no longer main Leixia because she lacked the tools to do extraordinarily well. Many players also say that Leixia would have to guess right many times to win while other characters have to guess only a few times to end the round. I simply disagreed.

I thought that Leixia had things such thing that makes her a contender such as frame traps and movement. The problem is that her damage is low so you really NEED to have a great read on your opponent or guess right a lot. I can deal with that in the later parts of a tournament but while playing Leixia but it’s too much to go through getting randomed out early.

The new character I’m trying out right now is Patroklos. He’s pretty much straightforward and does respectable damage. He doesn’t move like Leixia but I can live with that.

This morning I was watching some Patroklos videos from SBO to get a general idea of how to play him. Ironically, in one of the videos shows Patroklos losing to a Leixia. It shows that any character goes can win.

I won’t give up Leixia completely. But I must respect her limits. I need a second character to help me get by where Leixia can’t. That’s all.

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