Jaxel-Dome 8: My Turnaround

This past weekend at Jaxel-Dome, I felt like I have done quite a bit. Despite my early losses, I was complemented on vast improvement, especially with a new character. I had a few shining moments on stream. And here is my favorite part. I beat Ramon in a Soul Calibur II side tournament!

My first match in the SoulCalibur V tournament was against JJJ, a Mitsurugi player. I felt that I held my own against him but he still got the best of me. Despite that, the commentators actually told me that I have did some things correctly against Mitsurugi.

Next I played Jaxel. There were quite a few down the wire moments with this match. I hadn’t had much experience in play against Xiba in tournaments. I had little idea about what punishes what in that matchup and that really cost me. I’ll definitely study up so I will be ready shut Jaxel down next time.

After the main tournament, we had a side tournament for SoulCalibur II. Most of us hadn’t played that move in ages. That was what made it fun.

I beat my first opponent then lost to Jaxel. A few matches later I was up against Ramon, the MLG Raleigh runner-up (or, as my counterpart Kayane would say, “The vice-champion”).

Oh, yes. Ramon. That was a good match. A match where I beat him. It was a good feeling. It showed that I could never be slept on.

That weekend was probably the most fun I had at Jaxel-Dome, I heard a lot of praise for my improvement in commentary, I made some good decisions, better than some expected. I hope to take the momentum from JDome 8 and put it to my next big tournament.


Soul Calibur II
1st – Dreamkiller
2nd – (8WR) Jaxel
3rd – Bibulus
4th – Royal Lance (Empire)
5th – (TSF) Ramon
5th – ErikX
7th – Uber Rich
7th – Lockabar

Soul Calibur V
1st – (TSF) Ramon
2nd – Thermidor
3rd – JJJ
4th – Jonnitti
5th – Hoenir
5th – (8WR) Jaxel
7th – Bibulus
7th – ErikX

Results courtesy of EmpireArcadia.com.

See all the streamed matches at YouTube.com/Jaxelrod.

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