Dead Or Alive 5 (Semi-Review)

I finally manage to go play Dead or Alive 5 over the weekend. There was a LOT of hype with this game for quite a few reasons and with 3 Virtua Fighter characters thrown in pushed the hype even further. Now that I’ve had some time with the game myself I can see if this hype is well deserved.

When you look at it, DOA5 came into a different playing field than Dead or Alive 4 did. It came out as a launch title for the Xbox 360. It was only of the major fighting game for that console for some time and that helped it get picked up by not only players of all levels but players buy also gaming tournaments such as World Cyber Games and DirecTV’s Championship Gaming (CGI/CGS).

DOA5 comes out in a year where it faces a smorgasbord competition vying for the eyes of both casual players and pros. That calls for some mega marketing. There was a trailer that introduces Virtua Fighter’s Akira, Actual DOA pros were involved to put their input into their game and to eventually vouch for it. It wasn’t the first game to have such things in its campaign but it wasn’t to such degree. But who could blame them? Temco/Team Ninja has a lot of competition.

Okay. Now to the actual game itself.

DOA5 as a plays most like the VF series but not as stiff and there are no ring outs whatsoever. But there are structures on the stage called “Danger Zones” that trigger a crazy animation do damage to whoever gets knocked into it. It’s pretty much one of the main draws to Dead or Alive.

There is also a hold system, which is similar to guard impact in SoulCalibur. But instead of leaving a mere opening, it pretty much does some form attack automatically. The most noticeable addition is probably the Power Move. A high damage move that can send the opponent into a danger to add on to the damage.

Despite my criticism, the game does well on others stuff. The juggle system is fair; it’s not falls somewhere between the briefness of VF and the hangtime of Tekken. They added sidesteps for evasive purposes. And overall the game is easy to pick up. And addition to that DOA5 has the best story mode out of any fighting game that came out this year thus far. I won’t overlook the gratuitous close-up to certain characters’ boobs and butt. (The more things change…)

Marketing aside, Dead or Alive 5 is a good game. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s far from being my favorite fighting game but you might like it.

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