New York Comic Con 2012

DC Gender Swap (Featuring NerdyBird)

I went to New York Comic Con this weekend. And it was FUN! It would have been more fun if I had a press pass but I still enjoyed myself. There were a lot of events in and out the venue and it was definitely a well needed break from “normal life”.

Me with two beautiful ponies

Me surrounded by two beautiful ponies.

Day 2

I really wanted to go to all 4 days but I could only get the 3-day pass, not the 4-day. I spent the we early part of the day booth browsing and taking cosplay pictures. I managed to play in the Kid Icarus tournament. I wish we got to pick our own weapons like the tournament at Nintendo World.

I managed to get into the Robot Chicken panel. That was an experience in itself. We got to see the trailer for season 6 AND they and they announced for season. I got to ask the cast a question. It was lame. I’m not really good at Q & A’s.

After one more panel I went to Time Square to attend two different after parties. I was pretty much walking back and forth trying to make a healthy balance. I finally got to meet Jill (Action Flick Chick) at one of the parties. Great fun overall.

Me with the Nicole and Brianna (The Bella Twins)

What can I say? Twins love Royal Lance!

Day 3

The first thing I did was check out the Shifty Look/Namco freeplay arcade over there. There were a lot of games but the machine that caught my eye was SoulCalibur III. I manage to bust a few heads before moving on to the rest of the convention.

I attended a panel in part to recover from all the darn walking required just to get anywhere in the convention. I enjoyed the video they played but I think I have half-slept through most of it.

Then I got to see Nicole and Brianna, who used to be called The Bella Twins. I got in a picture with both of them. They were totally sweet. And they were impressed that I managed to guess which twin was which. LOL

Next was the geek bloggers panel. Here is where bloggers tell us their blogging stories and spill some blogging “secrets”. It was interesting discovering new blogs and exchanging news and what not, be it online or in person.

To finish off the night I went to the Geek Out party. The place was PACKED. There I ate dinner and chatted with dog tired people. People must have thought I was a part insane while I was adding people on my Twitter mid party (we had name tags with our Twitter names on them). But I really enjoyed myself that night and would go to next year’s party.

Thor and Loki Cosplay

Posted for epicness (and because it’s cosplay of my favorite superhero movie rivalries.

Day 4

Sunday is always the slow day. Not slow as in empty. But there is still a bunch of nice stuff going as long as you can get in line in time. I didn’t really do much besides take pictures of cosplay. I randomly saw Jill’s (Nerdy Bird) DC gender-swap DC supervillain cosplay group. (Jill actually shared my photo of my group!)

I actually got in there early so I could try to get Bryan Lee O’Malley’s autograph. When I got to the both I thought I had to stand in line but everybody was just surrounding the Oni Press booth. The randomly gave out the tickets and the guy NEXT to me got one but I didn’t.  A lot of people were pissed at the staff. Although I didn’t make a scene, I was about as mad as those who did.

I saw a panel for site called GeekMom. It talked about geeky moms who have geeky kids. They give us interesting tips on how to introduce your kids into your hobbies. Not bad for a Sunday Blog.

I spent the remaining hours browsing with the last stop being the Namco arcade. By then the buttons hardly worked on a lot of the machines. Sad face.

Well that’s it for my 2012 NYCC blog. Hope to come back next year!

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