Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Q*Bert Sign Pic

When you hear the term “Video Game” next to the word “movie”, bad things tend to happen. Fortunately, that is not the case for Disney’s (not Disney Pixar, Just Disney) latest computer animated movie, “Wreck-It-Ralph”. In fact, it’s one of the better video game movies out there.

John C. Reilly voices Ralph a literally huge video game character who is lovable to the audience but is disliked by the other characters in a 30-year-old arcade game “Fix-It-Felix Jr.”, while the game’s appointed hero (Jack McBrayer) is treated like a…well, a hero. In order to prove that he can do more than break things, Ralph migrates to neighboring arcade machines in order to become a hero, befriending an in-game glitch (Sarah Silverman) in the progress. Felix teams up with a no-nonsense space soldier (Jane Lynch) to return Ralph to his home game before his kind-hearted quest causes trouble for all the game worlds involved.

While the four main characters are all original (though their inspirations are obvious), the movies does feature well known characters from you favorite games, with cameos from Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*Bert, Pac-Man, Bowser, and many, many, many more. But don’t expect any of them to steal the show from Ralph and the crew.

Reilly nails his role of Ralph perfectly as the so-called bad guy who runs for his life from killer bugs in the Sgt. Calhoun’s home game “Hero’s Duty” and helps Vanellope to prepare for a race in “Sugar Rush”. Felix has to be even kinder in nature than Ralph and somehow McBrayer pulls it off. Sarah manages to throw in some darkish humor into the movie while keeping it PG. Jane Lynch does well sounding like a commander that put the drill instructors from “Maury” to shame. And the supporting cast does well in complementing the big four.

Disney did exceptionally well when it came to creating the 3 main game worlds for WIR. Ralph and Felix’s world is kept simple, one would expect in a retro game. The Hero’s Duty world retains its darkness of the FPS games that inspired it. But the most visually stunning game world in the film is the Sugar Rush world, which Candy Land plus Mario Kart times fifty.

If you want to watch great video game movie, go catch “Wreck-It Ralph”. If this movie doesn’t have the spirit of what makes video games great the phenomenon they are, then I don’t know which movie does.

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