The Wii U: One More Week

It will its we are a week away from the launch of the Nintendo Wii U. Now tell me you’re not exited.

The first Wii came out with motion control features that competition laughed at but wound up copying for themselves. The Wii U’s new controller with the touch screen will surely get the gear moving with game designers. It may not be as powerful what Sony and Microsoft may put out in the next few years, but when did that stop a Nintendo system?

The game I look forward to is Rayman Legends. I haven’t played to many Rayman games but I played the demo that was at Nintendo World. I like how the implemented the new Wii U controller. This would make a fun game to play co-op.

There will be a midnight launch for the Wii you next Saturday night at Nintendo World. I might stop by to check it out. Say hi if you see me!


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