Review: Wreck-It Ralph (Android)

Title: Wreck-It Ralph
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Android

There are a lot of movie-based games that are often churned out quickly and poorly designed. Fortunately, Disney Interactive has blessed us with a three games in one app based on the newest Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. While the games on the app are inspired by some classics, none of the three games have (fourth one to be unlocked) are to be confused with the sub-par knockoffs out there.

The first game you get to play is Fix-It-Felix Jr., an in-movie game fans want to play in real life in the first play. Much like the game depicted in the movie, you control Felix and fix the windows Ralph breaks while avoiding the flying birds and falling bricks. It looks graphically great emulating the 8-bit look with the special mention to the falling glass shards that fall after Ralph shatters the windows.

Sugar Rush Sweet Climber is the second game of the app. It’s ironically the only game in the app where you play as Ralph and you have to climb the candy cane tree branches while collecting various junk food. Instead of using “buttons” you tilt the phone but to make sure Ralph lands on the right spot. Be careful or you might waste your whole lunch hour on this game.

The third game is a 2D version of Hero’s Duty. It borrows Geometry Wars-style double analog controls as you wipe out the deadly Cybugs. If you are familiar with the arcade shooters of past, you will be quite comfortable with from the start. But gamers of any level can play this.

There is a fourth game called Turbotime but it was locked at the time of this writing.

If you are a fan of the movie, you should give the Wreck-It-Ralph app a try. It has some good games based off of movies and that is a rarity in any platform.

Author’s Note: This review is based on a copy I purchased for personal use.


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