Gamers: Don’t Let The Suits Get to You!

Over the weekend, I have seen other gamer on my social networks complying because the media is making video games their post-shooting punching bag (again). There is even one gamer calling for everyone not to play shooting games on for one day. *Shakes head*

Please do not get me wrong, I am not happy about what happened in Newtown, and I want to see something done to prevent stuff like this from happening. But I know that there is no quick fix to the problem, no matter what pundits and politicians try to sell us. Video games is the thing to blame these days so we hear Fox News, CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. try to hint that the less people who play violent games, the less shooting we would have. It’s no different than calling for stronger gun laws, weaker gun laws, a nationwide conversion to one religion, and so forth. It happens after every tragedy like Sandy Hook and, sadly, it will happen after the next tragedy, and the next, and the next.

And this call for gamers to go a day without playing shooting games for 24 hours?  It’s just twenty-four hours of exactly WHAT THE MEDIA, POLITICIANS, AND THE JACK THOMPSONS WANT US TO DO! I can almost guarantee you that you will not see firing ranges closing for one day, nor will you see gun shops close for one day. Gamers would be the only ones doing this “ceasefire” and The Man will point and say, “See! They stopped playing the violent games! The gun owners went on with the normal business but gamers stopped playing their shooters! That means they feel guilty! Now we got them!”

And down will come the VG laws that had a snowball’s chance in Hell of sticking anywhere before get magical surge of support. And we will continue to pay our cable bill that supports the news people that bash our pastime and vote for the pols who want to take our games from us.

Again, I feel just as bad as anyone about what happened in CT, but that doesn’t mean we should start letting suits stop us from playing a certain game. The best thing we can do as gamers this weekend is to play whatever you want and ignore the news. Live your life and do what you would do any other weekend, because that is what everyone else will be doing.

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