Why I’m Never Buying the Daily News


This morning the Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza made it on the another front page of the New York Daily News. The paper’s featured article made sure to throw video games under the bus, and shows no shame in doing so.

At the beginning of the article, writer Mike Lupica took no more than three sentences to let readers know that Lanza played video games. A hint of how balanced the rest of the article will be.

The article cites a cop who did not want to be named in the paper (of course!). The cop brought up a spreadsheets found on the shooters home that is supposedly a “score sheet” that listed Newton’s past killings, and how the shooter wanted to be “on the top of the list”.

The article’s mystery source even had a theory on why Lanza killed himself. According to him, the shooter didn’t want cops taking his “points” by killing him, via a “gamer’s code”.

I must have missed the memo about this “code”.

Unless there’s retraction or a rectification of said article, I will never read the New York Daily News again.

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