I’m Picking Up Injustice


Over the weekend. I decide to take up Injustice competitively. I should have picked the game as soon as it came out. But it is what it is.

I will continue to play SoulCalibur but I have to play a game with better community support. My teammate KDZ said that SoulCalibur doesn’t have to many rewards community-wise, which is kind of true. Tournaments tend to pay little to no attention to the game. I like the people I meet while playing the game while I play SoulCalibur but I need a game that has more exposure and stuff, and Injustice provides that.

As for the character I pick up, that will be Green Lantern. I know people will snicker since he’s considered one of the “cheap characters”, but I have a couple of reasons for making GL my character. One is that the Green Lantern Movie came out on my birthday, June 17, and the other being that one of my favorite bloggers Jill Pantozzi, was wearing a Green Lantern pendant.

I will try to get some solid practice in Injustice this week. Hopefull I can become tournament ready soon.


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