2013 Year In Review

2014 has finally arrived, meaning that 2013 is no more. So a year in review recapping some of my key moments of the now gone year.

Conventions, Conventions, Conventions.

Despite my demanding schedule of my day job, I managed to go to some conventios. MAGFest gets no major complaints from me. PAX East was fine, although I spent a lot of time at the Sirlin Games table.

New York Comic Con was bittersweet. I managed to meet two of my favorite cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. I met the original voice of Ash from Pokemon. I played in Ubisoft’s The Next Level. This year was kinda soiled since I missed out on some panels because of campers.

StreetPass Time

I have strongly participated in StreetPass groups though I have never became an official staff member. That changed when I was offered to run the Twitter for StreetPass Long Island. Then I would participate in events such as the Pokemon Gen V send-off, National StreetPass Weekend and the popular Zelda Archery competition.

A Few Wins Under My Belt.

For the past couple of years I have been playing this card game from Sirlin Games called Yomi. I have gotten so good at it I have placed third in the PAX East tournament (my first tournament ever for Yomi), and two tournament wins online.

Plus, I won a random tournament for WindJammers, which I’ve never heard of let alone play. A win is a win, right?

On the Write Track

In addition to writing movie reviews for NerdSpan, started writing for a gaming site called Put That Back. I haven’t been as productive on either of those sites as I should have. I hope change that this year.

That’s it for my 2013 Year in review! Happy 2014!