Lance’s Favorite World Records


I have set a nice number of world record scores over the for some time now. And naturally, there are some scores that I hold closely. For this post I will go over five world records that have some meaning to me personally.

Wii Sports: Hitting Home Runs — This was my very first World Record on Twin Galaxies. When I first saw the old record for this track, I thought it was way too low. I knew I could beat it but I wanted to smash it beyond recognition. It was how I got discovered.

Real Ghostbusters — I got this record on my first visit to Funspot so this means a lot to me. It lasted two for two years until it was broken in broken but I took it back the year after it was broken.

Bejeweled 2 — I’m a huge puzzle game fan so this is right up my alley. Before I went after it studied up on special strategy guide that really helped me out. I’m glad that managed to stay ahead in this game in the TG boards.

Mario Strikers Charged — This isn’t a popular game at all but it was ineresting to me. I saw this one in the Gamer’s Edition book and knew I could beat it. I had a back and forth going on and managed to take it back a few times.

Wii Sports: Baseball Blowout — This was a score I had to put on this list. Pretty much held on to the record for a nice length of time for a Wii score and was able to beat it again at will. This is also the highest full shutout game on YouTube to my knowledge.

There are many scores I could have put on here but these are five that I feel most connected with. Maybe I will do an update of the list but these are it for now.

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