“No Girls Allowed” Hearthstone and the IeSF


This week Hearthstone was trending for all the wrong reasons when a Finnish Hearthstone qualifier tournament for the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) was confirmed to be male players only. And when the IeSF gave their reasoning behind it, it didn’t exactly win over angry critics. Fortunately they ditched their male only restriction for their Hearthstone tournament and made it open to both genders.

I play Hearthstone and follow and compete in gaming, what IeSF was trying to do did not make sense at all. Hearthstone is a game for everybody. Even Blizzard themselves said it. How awkward would it be if I talked about a huge Hearthstone tournament at a Fireside Gathering and a woman gets excited, only to have me say that the tournament is “no girls allowed”? This type of restriction goes against what Hearthstone is all about.

In the IeSF statement they played the “We Want eSports to Be Seen as an ActualSport” card, which is quite weak. DirecTV tried to do the actual sports thing with Championship Gaming Series with by creating a lousy team system and making a men’s and women’s division and Dead or Alive 4 among other things. Did not work.

But I am glad IeSF made their Hearthstone tournament open to both genders now. It was a mistake to make it otherwise.

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