StreetPass Tips: Make The Most of Your 3DS


Streetpass is one of the most intriguing feature of the Nintendo 3DS and it happens when you are around other 3DS users who also use StreetPass. It has even became the base of many gaming communities and social gatherings. Today I share tips and tricks that has lead to thousands of tags for many 3DS owners (myself included) and will certainly give you the best StreetPass experience one can get.

Take Your 3DS everywhere.

This is the golden rule of StreetPass. You won’t get too many tags if you keep your 3DS at home. Put it in your pocket, bag, or whatever and the tags will come.

Check your 3DS often in conventions.

When you go a convention, especially one of the bigger ones, chances are that there will be LOTS of people with 3DS’s. The Mii plaza can only hold ten tags at a time. So make sure you go Mii Plaza whenever your 3DS flashes green (Which will be very often at these conventions. I get so many tags at conventions, I sometimes skip playing the StreetPass Games just to go through the all those tags!

Pick up the StreetPass Games

Speaking of which…. There are games specifically made for StreetPass. Some are already on the 3DS such as Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. You can also buy more games made specifically for StreetPass (Flower Town, Warrior’s Way, Monster Manor, and Mii Force). There are some regular 3DS games that make use of the StreetPass features to make you StreetPass experience even better!

To find out more about the StreetPass games, visit

Tag with Regulars often.

Certain games give you bonuses for tagging with the same person multiple times. For example, if you play Find Mii and use a Mii that visited you a certain amount of times, that Mii’s level will grow depending how many times you tagged and fought with that Mii!

Go to frequented areas around your city.

Some spots in your town will earn you more tags than others. Try going to famous landmarks in your town. Also your favorite video game shops are good places search for tags.

Check out certain Wi-Fi spots.

When you visit certain Wi-Fi hotspots you can get tags from people who were at that spot! You may even get some other cool stuff such as a Gold-pants celebrity Mii! Below are some places that offer Wi-Fi hotspots that offer such perks for just using your 3DS there!

  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Best Buy

Find a StreetPass Group

You may or may not of heard of them, buy finding a StreetPass group and joining one of their meetups is arguably the best ways to gain StreetPass tags. A quick search on Facebook and/or Twitter may help you find a StreetPass group in your area! If that doesn’t work, create your own!

Not that you know how make the most out StreetPass, go out there, get some tags, and make some new friends!

Photo courtesy of StreetPass Long Island

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