MAGFest 2015 Recap


So this weekend was MAGFest weekend, meaning it was an amazing weekend. After missing last year, I am glad that I got to go this year. And a lot of fun stuff happened and It’s good to be a part of it. Continue reading


Super Mario World “Credits Warp World Record”

This week a player released a video of him “beating” Super Mario in less than 6 minutes. All the insane actions he does during the game writes code it the console’s RAM, which then triggers the credits, “finishing” the game in record speed. This is an insane run. Some next level stuff.

The Viscant/LTG Shit Talk Video

So there is this Fight Game Community video that has gone viral. It starts out with the player Low Tier God (LTG) talking shit to rival Viscant. Viscant beats LTG in Ultra Street Fighter IV and come backs with a wicked verbal comeback.

There is nothing really new to see here. Popoff videos happen all the time. It’s just a guy who was talking smack and couldn’t back it up. Not much else.