MAGFest 2015 Recap


So this weekend was MAGFest weekend, meaning it was an amazing weekend. After missing last year, I am glad that I got to go this year. And a lot of fun stuff happened and It’s good to be a part of it.

The Panels

There were many panels I wanted to see but a lot of it overlapped. But the panels I did see were quite interesting.

My favorite one was the Fight Choreography panel run by the DC Stunt Coalition. It was sixty minutes of everybody in the room fake-hitting each other it was awesome!

Another panel worth mentioning was the Farewell FamiKamen Rider panel it showed a panel that was a tribute movie for Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical, featuring his character. It was definitely a touching tribute. Between the movie and Q & A. I was surprised how anyone could keep it together.

The Music

When you are running something called “Music And Games Festival”, you can certainly expect some damn good music. And damn good music there was.

First band I saw was Triforce Quartet. I heard them before but never in person. Glad I finally did.

Then I saw Random AKA Mega Ran, who I first heard about from the Mega Man album. Not only did he put on a great performance, he proposed to his girl while performing.

I also got to see Saturday’s DJ Battles. Those were some sick VG Beats.

The best performance by far was The Protomen. Despite the technical difficulty, they still killed it, especially in the finale.


I had an amazing time at the Pokemon booth. Not only I got in some battles, I participated in the Team Magma/Team Aqua wars. It amazing that MAGFest found a way for non-competitive Pokemon fans to participate. I’m glad Mama won at the end.

The Gym Battles were a nice experience. Some Gym Leaders were harder than others, but I managed to get enough badges to qualify for the tournament. In regards to the tournament itself, there were quite a few close calls, but I managed to win the whole thing and become the MAGFest Pokemon League Champion!

Well that wraps up my MAGFest recap. Hope to come back next year and hopefully without the storm.


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