What Needs to be Done with the Nintendo NX


On Monday we all found out that the code name for Nintendo’s next console is the Nintendo NX. This has many people excited about the next Nintendo console that is expect to reach us in the next several years. I know it way to early to speculate what Nintendo will do with the NX, but I think I can go over what Nintendo should do in order for the Nintendo NX to be a hit.

1: Do not make it into another Wii

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wii and the Wii did very well at the time. But I think motion control should be the focus next time around. The Wii U sales are not as spectacular when it comes to anyting that isn’t Super Smash Bros. You can still do Wii Stuff just make that the secondary option for the next system, not the primary.

2: Take it back to the basics

Nintendo said that they would get back to basics and the next system is a good place to start. They need to make sure the NX is easy to develop games for, make third party licensing more welcoming, and make the good we all know Nintendo are capable of. And make sure the standard controller is well, a standard controller.

3: Deliver a great online experience

This is very important. If the Nintendo NX provides a lousy online gaming experience, the competition will have a field day. Xbox is know for its great online service, and Sony’s is pretty decent as well. The online services for the Wii and Wii U pale in comparison. This cannot happen with the NX.

It will be a few years before we get to even see more information about the next Nintendo console. Hopefully when we do, it gets off on the right foot.