The Sony/Nintendo System


Somebody recently posted photos and video of what is supposed to be a prototype of the Sony/Nintendo system that was initially planned but never followed through. This started speculation on what what the gaming world would have been had this Sony/Nintendo deal remained intact.

Some say that Nintendo and Sony would have dominated the video game industry. I disagree.

That machine picture looks more like the SNES equivalent of the Sega CD or the Turbo Grafx CD. And those aren’t didn’t really do too great.

Also. The name on the console was Sony, meaning Sony would have been the dominant entity in the partnership. Sony’s creative control would have trumped Nintendo’s.

Had Nintendo paired up with Sony, the growth for both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario would have been significantly stunted. Lesser known properties such as Fire Emblem and Star Fox would have less of a presence if any presence at all. We never would have had Nintendo Wii, the system that made motion gaming relevant, nor Amiibo, the small figures that have everyone going crazy.

I know that a Sony/Nintendo alliance sounds good on paper, be there is a reason why we say be careful what you wish for.


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