My Time at New York Comic Con 2015


Yes I know… My bag is in the shot.

In October to New York Comic Con and it was the first time I went in cosplay. It was definitely a blast and is (one again) on of the highlights of my year.


Day one used to be the “slow day” of the event but it’s pretty just as busy as the rest of the convention.

The first thing I did when I got into the building was wait in line for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel was easy since they had a wristband system and clear the main stage after every panel, much better than what they had last year for the main stage. If they only did that for every panel room.

After I got my wristband I went to a not-so-crowded bathroom to dress up in Ryu (Street Fighter) cosplay. Walk around the show floor visiting different booths and taking pictures of cosplay (and posed for some, myself).

Then later I saw the Ninja Turtles panel where we saw the season premier before it aired on TV. That was cool to sit through

I probably would have caught more panels but it seems like getting asked to pose for photos every ten seconds and it didn’t feel right to say no.


The first thing I did watch a geeky news panel with one of my favorite writers Jill Pantozzi. Then I visited Ivy DoomKitty, who was wearing an M. Bision cosplay that goes extraordinarily well with me as Ryu. 😛


Don’t tell Chun-Li

Next was a visit to Jessica Nigri’s booth where I took a silly photo with her and Ryan Brandt. When I posted it online, I was accused of doing a hover hand. But it’s all good.


The Controversial “Hover Hand” Photo

The the main routine was the same. Go to the booths, take pics of cosplayers, people take pictures of my cosplay.

After the convention I went to the SoncicBoomBox Bowlmor at Slate. It was crazy as heck. But I enjoyed it!


I got to the convention a little late this time. I participated in a Super Smash Bros. Themed cosplay shoot. It was very fun nedless to say.

I made a second visit to Jessica Nigri’s booth to clear my name of the hover hand situation.


No hover hand here.

Next I ran into MrsViolence of Twitch fame! She and I go way back! I pretty much missed a panel to chat with her and it was well worth it.

Then I had a small meetup with the StreetPass pals who were in cosplay and posed for pictures…again.

When the con ended I caught a the Rawr Burlesque show I the Hard Rock Cafe show.


I used Sunday to attempt to meet people I have yet to meet beforehand. I finally got to meet Joker’s Harley who was a zombie that day.


Yes. This is her.

I pretty much ended the day booth surfing.

That’s wraps up my recap. Can’t wait to comeback next year.

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