ESL One New York Needs Fighting Games


ESL has announced that ESL One will be coming back to New York this year at the Barclay Center. The first game announced is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, with more games to be announced later. If ESL is smart, they would throw some fighting games in this year’s run in New York.

New York has been known for being a battleground for competitive fighting games. The city has produced many top notch players, many of whom have been picked up by major esports organizations.

In later years, players players from the NY scene have moved to other regions or have slowed down with competition. But with newer titles including; Super Smash Bros. For Wii U; Mortal Kombat; Street Fighter V; Tekken 7; and my favorite, Pokkén Tournament; the fighting game scene in NYC is recovering from the slump.

If fighting games are introduced to ESL One New York, this would give the shot the New York fighting game scene needs. CS: Go is good and all but if you want to attract a New York crowd for your esports event, you need to feature what New York player play.

And that is fighting games.


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