My First Pokémon Go Meetup

This past weekend I went to my fist Pokémon Go meetup. I was excited to come back to Hoboken and make new friends with a new game I like.

Triforce and I went to the bar an hour early hoping to speak to my newest Empire Arcadia teammate Jen while she was getting party only to learn that she would show up to the venue closer to the start of the venue. We talked to her about EMP stuff and gave her the mints Catalyst sent over for the party.

With the party underway, I decided to used the time in the bar to do some leveling up with a Lucky Egg. I spent a half hour evolving Pokémon and taking advantage of the double XP. As server crash (probably from the update that came that weekend) disrupted me a bit but I managed to get a good grind in.

After Lucky Egg session, I found caught a Dratini while still in the bar. Then I spotted a second Dratini via PokéVision. I left the bar and caught that. Then I walked around looking for more Pokémon to catch. I managed to catch two Bulbasaur before heading back to the bar. (This was the last time I used PokéVision before it shut down BTW.)

When I got to the bar, I noticed the other players headed out to look for Pokémon. I caught up with the group to catch Pokémon with them. I caught quite a few Pokémon, including my first Jinx, right before my battery died.

When we head back to the bar for dinner we had one last hurrah in the form of crazy-ass dancing.

I am glad that I went to Jen’s Pokémon Go meetup and I look forward to going to the next one.

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