Pokémon Go Tips


Pokémon Go has exploded in popularity the moment it was released. And people are looking catch’em all and level up. Well I have a few tips to help you.

Pool your knowledge of frequent Pokemon spawns with fellow trainers.

With the tracking apps being shut down, we need to keep tabs on Pokemon spawn points through trail and error. Share information of who spawns where with other trainers and you and your friends will be able to find more Pokémon. The spawn points tend to change but if everyone pools information you can keep track of what spawns where.

Discard weaker items to make room for stronger item.

There is only so much space for your items, even if you have the storage upgrade. As you level up and acquire stronger Pokémon, you weaker potions don’t work as well in healing them. And they will only take up space for Poké Balls (especially the stronger ones), Lures, Lucky eggs, and stronger heals.

So it’s a good idea to discard your weaker heals as your stronger ones become available. It doesn’t make sense on loosing out on extra Poké Balls because you have too many 20-HP potions clogging your bag.

Don’t evolve anyone until you are ready for your Lucky Egg session.

This seems not to make sense to not to evolve Pokémon right away in Pokémon Go. But here is the thing: evolution give out a lot of XP. And Lucky Eggs doubles what XP you make for 30 minutes. So the best way do take advantage of this is to spend those 30 minutes evolving your Pokémon. You would want to have 60 Pokémon to evolve during an active Lucky Egg.

Of course it’s more efficient to evolve Pidgey, Weedle, and Catepie, since it only cost 12 of the respective candies to each of those but if you have a Pokémon that is not of those three, wait for the Lucky egg to evolve it to get the most of your points!

If you know a place is dangerous before Pokémon Go, it will most likely be dangerous afterward.

This shouldn’t have to be said but apparently it does. Don’t go to any place that you know is dangerous, no matter what the game gives you for going there.

There are already too many news stories about people floating around (mostly spin but still). Please don’t go to a neighborhood for an Abra if that neighborhood had it’s tenth shooting this month. Also, don’t trespass on private property and don’t go over any cliffs. Please.

Don’t be afraid to go out!

Even with a lot of the tracking gone, we have to do our own searching. We can no longer rely on refreshing PokéVision to look for that Snorlax spawn in the comfort of your home.


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