What New York Comic Con Needs to Be Better

This year I went to New York Comic Con but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others one. Not saying it was horrible, just not as great as past time I went. There are some things that need to be changed for make it better.

1: Tweak the max amount of people for all days.

I must have spent more time walking and waiting in line to do stuff than I did actually enjoying the convention. Walking though the crowd is not fun no matter who you are. And the lines come come with the crowd are just as bad.

This can be fixed by lowering the capacity on each day. I would say cutting the crowd by 20%-30% would be fair.

Also all the stuff where you have to walk to 38th street before you can get near the Javits Center is dumb to. That rule should be done with and to would complement the crowd cut.

2: Fix the panel system one and for all!

This is not exactly breaking news: NYCC’s Panel system sucks. You basically have to wait for hours to get into a panel room then you sit through a bunch of panels you don’t care for just to watch the one you do. If you don’t do that, there is a good chance you will be missing that big panel you wanted to see.

To their credit Reed Pop tried to fix at least that main panel room last year. But when they moved that panels to The Theater at Madison Square Garden, things went back downhill.

They really need to bring the panels back into the Javits Center and start doing panel clearing and doing it properly.

3: Deal with the whole scalping thing.

Reed Pop tried the Fan Verification thing to curb the scalping situation. It clearly did not work. eBay was full of tickets and overpriced tickets. And to make it worse, there were scalpers outside the convention selling discarded tickets! To sum it up, tickets are can be sold for $100-ish, then sold on ebay for $300, and the sold right outside then venue for $20. This is sickening to me.

If NYCC needed to do the anti-scalping thing seriously they need to do it seriously. Keep better tracking of bulk sales and trace the tickets that are being scalped on eBay. As for the near-venue scalpers, they need to actually enforce the anti-scalping laws! I mean come on! The scalpers are selling in front of the cops!

New York Comic Con is still a good event but not as appealing as past years. They need to get back to basics and stick to what the event great in the first place.


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