Gamers in the White House: Not So Fast


On Monday the White House hosted a video game marathon featuring popular gamers both competitive and non-competitive in an effort to promote… Obamacare. And hosted on the Twitch channel “getcovered” no less.

Really?! Obamacare?! A gaming marathon to promote a government program that’s hit-or-miss at best? This the best use of gamers in the White House?!

My issue with this time to do format where gamers discuss social and economic issues, the US government is used gamers to make one last push to millennials to enroll in a program they don’t feel they need.

Some may not see it as a big deal about since this is for “healthcare” and there are people who do need year-round healthcare. But what if big government chose to exploit gamers to promote other government projects like The Wall™ Trump wants to build? What if they used gaming to promote a military draft? We may not be thinking about that now but it could very happen!

Not long ago us gamers rallied to convince the US (and state) government that video games were recognized as protected speech just like movies, music, and books. And even after that both President Obama and President-elect Trump had not-so-positive comments about video games. Do you really think the White House video game marathon was just because gaming was accepted!


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