MAGFest 2017


Mystic, Valor, Royalty, Harmony, and Instinct.

This weekend I went to MAGFest. It’s something I try to do each year. If you have not gone to MAGFest you do know what you are missing. And if you like video game-based music, then you really really need to check this out.

Day 1

This is practically my first time going to MAGFest as a staff member, meaning that I can get free entry (yay!), free meals (double yay!), and this nice staff-T-Shirt! (yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay!).


The Official MAGFest 2017 Staff Shirt!

Since I was part of staff I was able to enter and console rooms before the crowd came in. It was a relief that I was able to hop on a game without having to wait for someone to get off the machine.

My first shift was was the screening of the webshow AFK, which I got to introduce and interview the writer/director of the show as well of one of the actors via Skype it was weird doing a talking to a computer screen but it certainly worked!

Next was a The Protomen concert, which was awesome as always! Then I ended the day at the MAG Arcade!

Day 2

Next day was quite different. I introduced a set of Pokémon Go short movies, followed by some actual Pokemon Go searching. I didn’t make it through the whole hunt since my bare hand was out and it was cold as fuck. So I had to had back to that Games on Film section to introduce a double feature: Computer Fighters and Out Runners.

Then my friends and I went to the jam to DJ Cutman’s session. Then I went to a panel on how to work that special badge staff and supports got. I couldn’t manage to work the thing until AFTER the convention.

Day 3

When I woke and got a quick breakfast then went down to attend MarzGurl and Josh Knight the First’s cartoon Sing-along. That was fun.

Then I went to the Jamspace section to check out the band Master Sword, who actually followed me on Twitter beforehand. Damn they are good.

Then I did Games on Film work for a short live-action films set, the I worked the projector on Viva Amiga. Then I did my last Games on Film job on Man Vs. Snake!

Then I managed to catch of the finals of the Magfest Pokemon league where Rachel won, becoming the first woman to Pokemon Leagure Champion!

Day 4

The Nerf War was supposed to be on Saturday (day 3) but it was moved because of snow. It was a small yet intense crowd. I should really work on the video for that. And the last game I played before leaving was Killer Queen.

So pretty much that was MAGFest. Can’t wait to come back next year!

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