My Google Stadia Channel: Mr. Stadia

This month I have made a new channel which is dedicated to Google Stadia, which I fittingly named it Mr. Stadia.

Below is my first video for my new channel: A Stadia Controller opening.


This one is Destiny 2 Gameplay on the Stadia.

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Legends of Runeterra Early Access Vids

Last month I went Waypoint Cafe to stream Legends of Runeterra: The League of Legends Card game during the early access period.

The first video is my best Expedition Mode Trail where I achieved 6 wins. Sadly on the final match a disconnect happened.

The Second video is me playing with a mushroom deck. Thinking back I could have better fine-tuned the deck but I think I did well for the most part.

Legends of Runeterra comes out next year and I hope to do well in this game.