About Lance

Name: Lance Eustace
Nicknames: Lancey Ace, Royal Lance, Wolf
Date of Birth: June 17
Hometown: Queens, NY
Favorite Games: Metal Slug, Star Fox 64, Street Fighter, Tetris, SOULCALIBUR, Bejeweled, Wii Sports, Puzzle League, Hearthstone, Pokken Tournament.

Born in June of 1983, Lance Eustace has been playing video games since the NES days. Seeking to dig deeper into the video game community, Lance started attending events such as DigitalLife in New York and VGXPO in Philadelphia.

The most pivotal gaming moment for Royal Lance was his visit to Funspot X, representing. Already an established Nintendo Wii gamer, he claimed the World Record for the vintage arcade title The Real Ghostbusters.

Lancey Ace holds World Record scores in best-selling titles including Wii Sports, Fruit Ninja, and The Bejeweled series, and the Tetris series. His name appears in multiple years of Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition and the third edition of Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records (Arcade Volume), RecorsSetter.com and Kotaku.com.

Lance is an avid fan of fighting games and plays them competitively. In East Coast Throwdown 2012, he played his ever first match in a major tournament…and won.

Did you know that Lance was a published writer? Well it’s true. He first published article came at age 17 via Newsday. He continues to write on different outlets, including, NerdSpan, and his personal blog “Royal Lance Gaming”, which you are reading right now.

Even now, stays active in various gaming communities including as Switch & Play NYC.